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Business Platform



Our strengths

OPLOG-SP is an international multidisciplinary Business Platform which offers the best integral logistics solutions to public organisms and private companies.

Based in the United States, OPLOG SP is committed to make available to its customers an expert team, knowledgeable about the most advanced technologies and techniques, and oriented to provide the best and most advanced logistics solutions.

OPLOG SP has a global alliance of logistics companies that work together to provide end-to-end logistics. This alliance involves a solid, versatile and competitive support that allows to offer a service of quality to world-wide level.

In the most remote scenarios and in the most conflictive areas it is essential to rely on an organization that knows the customs practices and regulations of each country, as well as the rules of international trade.

The integration of effort among the members of OPLOG SP has made our business alliance a solid and efficient option, adaptable to the most complex context.

Our experience in logistics developments with high complexity forces to pay special attention to:

  • Knowing the nature and characteristics of the goods to be transported.
  • Studying the most appropriate itineraries and different means of transport.
  • Choosing the best solutions in terms of costs, time and safety.


Our business areas

The main activity of OPLOG SP is to promote, offer and develop global logistics solutions in three different Business areas:

  • PROJECT CARGO MANAGEMENT PROVIDER, whose center of operations is located in the offices in Houston (Texas).
  • DEFENSE and AERONAUTICS INDUSTRY, coordinated and developed from the delegation in Washington DC.
  • INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION LOGISTICS, managed from our headquarters in Miami.

As an added value, OPLOG SP performs the role of network, connecting exporters and importers around the world, contracting suppliers and providers and facilitating communication between the two parties.

This way, the teams in charge of manage each business area are specialized and dedicated to the development of their field of work, resulting in comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to each client.

OPLOG SP puts a special emphasis on enhancing the experience and know-how of its members with the aim of transforming ideas and knowledge into state-of-the-art logistics services adapted to the needs of the Public Administration as well as other private companies within complex sectors of industry.