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Project Cargo


From the offices in Houston, OPLOG-SP, through its members from all over the world, offers Project Cargo management for several industries, such as petrochemical, mining, construction, energy (including the new opportunities offered by the green energy to Project Cargo), etc…

The operations for these industries, due to their complexity, must be planed and performed from origin to destiny by one organization, one provider, one entity. To be able to develop these operations within the required budgets and deadlines it important to have experienced partners with whom to synchronize the efforts.

Our team is composed of expert companies with a wide experience in all aspects of global supply chain management, including projects in some of the most remote and challenging locations around the world.

The group of professional experts selected to perform this tasks allows us to manage the transportation of goods that, due to its measures, weight or complexity, need a special and customized treatment, both in origin and destination.

OPLOG SP joins together and makes use of best technology service providers and supply chain specialists to provide efficient solutions to complex challenges.

We have an objective point of view of client requirements and apply a collaborative approach in order to carry out all and every managements in the supply chain, from origin to destination.

To obtain the best results, we merge our know-how with that of our customers to promote the best methodology and take advantage of the work methods adapted to reach maximum benefits. In addition, to grant our clients to concentrate on their main competence, we follow up the activity of all the logistics services providers implicated in the supply chain and quickly present pro-active solutions whenever we find blocks or a delays.

Some of our Project Cargo Services:

* International Fairs

* Supplying systems

* Multi-shipping contracts

* Break-Bulk

* Heavy Lift

* Oversized cargo

* Assembling and disassembling factories and facilities.