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International Logistics


From our headquarters in Miami, we manage the international and distributive logistics in the Americas. OPLOG SP offers comprehensive logistics services adapted to the new patterns of the economy and markets.

Our lifestyle and, as a consequence, the economy system, is changing faster every day. That is why the companies have to react as quickly as possible and adapt its methods to the new trends if they want to survive.

In a world where everything is connected, exportation and importation of goods could not be different. So, from OPLOG SP, we wanted to give a step forward and provide to our customers the best resources to make their business reach their aims.

For this reason, we offer a Business Platform where the interests of exporter and importer can be linked and, in this way, reach great commercial arrangements with mutual and long-term benefits.

As an international Business Platform, we manage the international logistics between the USA and other countries all around the world (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc…)
Thanks to the strategical location of Miami, in the center of the continent, we are able to give response to our customer’s needs very quickly. From there, we manage the distributive logistics to the rest of the American continent.

If we had to describe our strengths, we would say that, in one hand, we count with the expertise of all our members, who have been providing logistics services for many years in all possible scenarios and, in the other hand, we count with the wide range possibilities that technology offers nowadays.

So, in conclusion, we develop a double role: we are a Business Platform which links companies from any place in the world with common interests and we are an International Logistics Operator which provide all the supply chain services needed to transport any kind of goods to any kind of market.