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OPLOG SP, from its delegation in Washington DC, responds to the integral logistics needs of the public sector, the armed forces and the defense industry through supply management programs, outsourcing contracts, etc…

The competitive framework of action within the scope of the public sector, makes the exigency of logistical deployments very high, and it is increasingly difficult to manage. Precisely this fact is the one that puts in competitive advantage to the organizations that better understand and manage this environment.

The wide range of resources available to OPLOG SP provides a solid multi-logistic support in different areas:

  • Integral Security.
  • Infrastructure Management.
  • Aeronautical and Fleet Maintenance.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Information Technologies and System Integration.
  • Mission Support

One of the tasks of OPLOG SP is to provide logistical support to the missions through the provision of quality services, by offering adequate management and trained personnel. In addition, we assist the corresponding command, giving advice on logistics, security, training and management.

We have analyzed, planned and developed a coverage of services in accordance with the needs that may be found by the Deployed Forces (in different types of deployment), in the task of stabilizing a zone in conflict.


Companies, whether SMEs or large multinationals, are increasingly using partners that offer comprehensive solutions to develop their business, as it is the most reliable way to meet the deadlines and budgets.

OPLOG SP, thanks to the integration of its members, offers its clients the peace of mind of carrying out their operations from the beginning to the end, taking charge of all the managements and pertinent work for its fulfillment as well as coordinating and integrating each phase of the project.

The experience of its member companies, as well as that of its partners, make the development of this type of work carried out in a simple and efficient way. The teams are composed of professional experts at each stage of the project, with autonomy and capacity for decision making instantly.

In addition, another important feature of OPLOG SP as a multidisciplinary platform, and that offers its customers added value, is the flexibility and responsiveness that is achieved through the planning coordination of all partners. These qualities are very necessary to be able to solve the innumerable unforeseen that can arise in projects of this magnitude.